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Nabtesco Final Drives for Case, Link-belt & Sumitomo

In stock new OEM Nabtesco Japan and interchangeable Hy-trac Korea final drives and travel motors for Case Link-belt and Sumitomo excavators 130X2, CX130B, CX135SR, CX130C, CX135, SH125X-3, SH135X-3, 135MSR, 135 SPIN ACE

Part numbers KNA10520 & KMA1321

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Nabtesco Final Drive | Teijin Seiki final drive GM11 | Kubota KX080-3A

In stock new original Nabtesco Teijin Seiki final drive GM11 for Kubota KX080-3A

Kubota part number RD819-78102

All our final drives come with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY







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Genuine Hydash / Nabtesco / Teijin Seiki GM21VA final drives & track Motor

Genuine Hydash / Nabtesco / Teijin Seiki GM21VA Final drives

Now in stock we have a limited number of genuine Hy-dash GM21VA final drives complete with track motors suitable for many different 13 ton machines.

These units are selling fast so call us today for a highly competitive price for genuine Hy-dash, Nabtesco or Teijin Seiki final drives with track motors

We also stock replacement OEM quality complete final drives  for almost all Nabtesco and Hydash final drives for excavators from 3 tons to 70 tons.

Our final drives come with an industry leading 2 year warranty and a service level that can’t be matched. We pride ourselves on getting the right final drive to the right place at the right time.

We can ship either genuine Hy-dash final drives or our Hy-trac OEM quality drives all over the world so call today for a delivered price

Hy-dash, Nabtesco and teijin Seiki and all different names for the same make of drive and we at Terrapart specialise in replacing these units. Almost all makes of machine use a Hy-dash drive on at least one of their models.

Brands that these final drives are fitted to include Bobcat, Case, Caterpillar, Daewoo, Doosan, Hanix, Hitachi, Hyundai, IHI, JCB, Kobelco, Komatsu, Kubota, Linkbelt, Mitsubishi, Mustang, Neusson, Samsung, Sumitomo, Terex, Takeuchi, Volvo, Yanmar, and zeppelin Excavators.

If you need a Hy-dash final drive starting with any of the following codes we can help:

GM02 GM03 GM04 GM05 GM06 GM07 GM08 GM09 GM10 GM11 GM15 GM17, GM18, GM21, GM22, GM23, GM30, GM35, GM40, GM50, GM60, GM70 or GM100

All Final drives from Terrapart are supplied with easy to follow fitting instructions to ensure correct piping and to limit Potential mistakes that could cost thousands in Damage cause by the wrong pipes being fitted to the track motors incorrectly.





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Aftermarket Final Drives & Track Motors

Are you looking to save money on your final drive but not compromise on quality? We stock aftermarket final drives which are OEM Quality and come with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY

With over 1600 new track motors & final drives in stock from a wide range of manufacturers we can supply a unit for most excavator application and are without doubt a leading supplier in this product. We specialize in excavator final drives for all makes and models from 1.5 tonnes up to 46 tonnes.

We stock aftermarket final drives & track motors for the following brands: Airman, Bobcat, Case, Cat, Daewoo, Deere, Doosan, Gehl, Halla, Hanix, Hitachi, Hyundai, IHI, Imer, JCB, Kobelco, Komatsu, Kubota, Linkbelt, Mitsubishi, New Holland, Neuson, Nissan, Peljob, Samsung, Sumitomo, Takeuchi, Hy-Trac, Terex, Vermeer, Volvo, Yanmar, Yutani, Zeppelin, Ditch witch, Mustang and Schaeffe


We have aftermarket final drives for the following models:

Bobcat aftermarket Final Drive Models: X328, X331, X435, ZX125, ZX75, X320, X325, E63, E80, E85, 326, E42, E62, E32, E45, E63, E321, E50, E80, E35, E55, E85, E35I, E60, E320, X320, 331E, 331G, 331ED, 334, 334D, E10, 418, 428, 430D, 435, 444, B19, 425, 430, 430G, 442, E08, 100, 116, 130, 225, X225, 220, X220, 231, 316, 319, 320, 320C, 320D, 320J, 321, 328G, 322, 322C, 322D, 323J, 324, 325, 325C, 325D, 325G, 328, 328G, 328D, E14, EB14.4, E16, EB16.4 E17, E17, E19, E20, E25,

Case aftermarket final Drive Models: CX15, CX16B, CK25, CK28, C28, CK31, CX31, C31 CX38, CX35, CX47, CX50B, CX70 CK75SR, CX80, CX130, CX130B, CX135SR, CX135,  CX160, CX160B, LX160, 160LX, CX200, CK210, CX225SR, CX240, 9040, 9040B, 9007, 9007B

Caterpillar aftermarket Final Drive Models: 301.6, 301.8, 302.5, 301.5, 302, 302.5C, 303C, 304, 304CR, 304CCR, 304.5, 305, 305D, 305E, 306, 307, 307BC, 307SSR, 307CCR, 308, 308C, 341, 341D, 307B, E70, E70B, E80, 312A, 313B, 312A, 312BL, 312B, 312C, 312CC, 317B, 318

JCB aftermarket Final Drive Models: 802.7, 803, 803Z, 8030, 8030ZTS, 8025, 8025ZTS, 8032, 8032ZTS, 8035ZTS, 8035, 8080, 8080ZTS, 804, 803.5, 803.7, JS70, JS130, JS70, JS130HD, JS150, JS160, JS180, JS200, JS210, JS220, JZ70, JS260,

Hitachi aftermarket Final Drive Models: EX15, EX22, EX22-2, EX25, EX25-2, EX27U, EX30, EX30-2 EX33, EX33-5, EX35U, EX27, EX40, ZX25, ZX35, ZX40U, AX30, AX30-2, AX35-2, AX25-2, JD27ZTS, 26ZTS, JD27D, 35ZTS, ZX30UR, ZX27, EX100M-5, EX160LC-5, EX165E

IHI aftermarket final drive models: IHI15NX, IHI18N, IHI20JX, IHI25NX, IHI28GZ, IHI28N, IHI30VX, IHI35N, IHI35J, IHI40JX, IHI40, IHI40-Z, IHI45NX2, IHI45NX-2, IHI45NX,  IHI50G, IHI50J, IHI50S, IHI55N2, IHI65NX, IHI80NX

Kobelco aftermarket Final drive models: SK09, SK20, SK20SR, SK027, SK30, SK30SR, CK30-1, SK35SR, SK40SR, SK035-2, SK50, SK60SR, SK60-V, SK70, SK80, SK100-3, SK100-5, SK115, SK115DZ-4, SK115SRDZ, SK120, SK120-3, SK130, SK135, SK160, SK210-4, SK210-IV, SK235SR, SK250, SK260, SK260-8, E70, E80, E80-1ES, E80MSR, E135SR, E245B, E265B

New Holland aftermarket Final Drive Models: E235, E235SR, E135B, E130, E235BSR, EH130, EH160, E45SR

Komatsu aftermarket Final Drive Models: PC30-5, PC30-6, PC12R-8, PC10-6, PC20-3, PC20-7 PC20-5, PC80-3, PC27R-8, PC60-5, PC60-6, PC60-7E, PC78MS-6,  PC30MR-3, PC40-5, PC14RHS, PC18MR-2, PC38UU-2E, PC20MR-1, PC35-8, PC35R-8, PC75R-2, PC95, PC50MR-2, PC45RF, PC88MS-6, PC40FR-1, PC128, PC100-6, PC120-6, PC120-2, PC138, PC130-6, PC130-6K, PC130-7K, PC130-7, PC130-8, PC138UU-8

Kubota aftermarket Final Drive Models: U45-3, U35-3, U25S, U17-3, U15-3, U15(EH), U20, U30, U35-4, KH52SR,  KH52SR, KH70, KH-91, KH91, K013, U20-3, U30-3, U35S, K021, K022, K024, K025, K027, K028, K030, K035, K040, K045, U10, KX91-3, RG30, RX501, K013, K022, K025, U25-3, U55-4, U35-S2, KX101, KX101-3, KX101-3 ALPHA, KX101-3 ALPHA 2, KX101-3 ALPHA 3, KX121-2, KX121-2SS, KX121-2(H), KX121-2SS, KX121-3, KX121-3SS, KX121-3SST4, KX121-3ST, KX151, KX161-2, KX151-2SS, KX161-3, KX161-3D, KX161-3ST, KX251, U25-3, U35(EU), U45, KX251, KX26-2, KX31, KX36, KX36-2, KX36-3, KX41(H), KX41-2, KX41-2 ALPHA, KX41-2S (V), KX41-2SS, KX41-2V, KX41-3, U55, KX41-3S (V), KX61, KX61-2 APLHA, KX61-2S, KX61-2SS, KX61-3, U25-3A, U35-3 ALPHA 2, U45 (EU), KX71, KX71SS, KX71-2, KX71-2 APLHA, KX71-3, KX71-3S, KX91-2, KX91-2SS, U10 ALPHA, KX91-35S, KX91-3S2, U20-3 ALPHA, KX015-4, KX016-4, KX018-4, KX019-4

Takeuchi aftermarket Final Drive Models: TB015, TB016, TB020, TB025, TB045, TB070, TB108, TB15, TB45, TB36, TB135, TB125, TB35FR, TB25FR, TB120, TB25, TB175, TB180FR, TB21, TB228, TB235, TB23FR, TB23R, TB53FR, TB55UR, TB68, TB80FR, TB140, TB250, TB175 TB180FR, TB178, TB80FR

Yanmar aftermarket Final Drive Models: B12, B14, B15, B15-3, B17, B17-2, VIO30, VIO30-1, VIO30-2, VIO30-3, VIO33U, VIO50-3, VIO50U, B17-2B, B17-3, B18EX, B19, B22, B22-1,B22-2, B22-2B, B6-3, B25, B25-1, B25V, B27, B27-2, B27-2A, VIO35-2, VIO35-3, VIO35-5, VIO35-5B, VIO35-6, VIO55, VIO55-5, B27-2B, B3, B30V, B32, B32-1, B3-3, B37, B37-2, B6U, B37-2A, B37-2B, B37V, B4U-1, B5, B50, B50-2, VIO38U, VIO40, VIO40-1, VIO40-2, VIO40-3, VIO55-5B, VIO55-6A, VIO80U, YB221, YB451, B50, B50-2, B50-2B, B50-C, B7, B7-3, B7-5, B7-5A, B7-5B, YB351, TB121, VIO75U, VIO75-C, VIO75-A, VIO27-B, BIO27-3, VIO27-2, VIO25-4, VIO25-3, VIO25-2, VIO45-5B, VIO57U, VIO70, TB101, YB271, YB501, VIO45, VIO45-5, VIO45-5, SV05, SV08, SV08-1,  SV15, SV15-2, SV17, SV17-2, SV17E, SV17EX-2, VIO27-5B, VIO45-6A, VIO50, VIO50-1, VIO50-2, VIO70-2, VIO75, VIO75, YB10-2, YB301, SV20, SV26, VIO10, , VIO15, VIO15-1, VIO15-2, VIO15-2A, VIO17, VIO20, VIO20-1, VIO20-2, VIO20-3, VIO20-4, VIO25







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Excavator Final Drives / Track Motors / Travel Motors

 Excavator Final Drives / Track motors / Travel motors

Why recondition when new is cheaper? Certainly cheaper in the long run and more often than not in the short run too! The advantages of purchasing new are obvious not least because of the savings in down time and the peace of mind a new unit brings.

All our new final drives / track motors & travel motors come with a Two year warranty!

With over 1600 new track motors & final drives in stock from a wide range of manufacturers we can supply a unit for most excavator application and are without doubt a leading supplier in this product. We specialize in excavator final drives for all makes and models from 1.5 tonnes up to 46 tonnes.

Terrapart is recognised as a leading and trusted supplier in the heavy plant parts business. In a very competitive environment we strive to be the best we can and genuinely make customer satisfaction our priority. Our customers repeatedly look to us for solutions to their problems and to save them money on expensive parts and assemblies. When you buy from us you buy from a family business with more than  twenty-nine years’ experience.

We stock the following final drives: Kawasaki, Mottrol, Tong Myung, SOM, Kayaba, Hy Dash, Teijin Seiki, Rexroth, Caterpillar, Bonfiglioli, Nabtesco, Bobcat, Daewoo, Doosan, JCB, Kobelco, Case, New Holland, Komatsu, Kubota, Samsung, Takeuchi, Volvo, Yanmar, Airman, Deere, Linkbelt, Mitsubishi, Neuson, Nissan, Peljob & Hy-Trac.

We stock units for the following brands: Airman, Bobcat, Case, Cat, Daewoo, Deere, Doosan, Gehl, Halla, Hanix, Hitachi, Hyundai, IHI, Imer, JCB, Kobelco, Komatsu, Kubota, Linkbelt, Mitsubishi, New Holland, Neuson, Nissan, Peljob, Samsung, Sumitomo, Takeuchi, Hy-Trac, Terex, Vermeer, Volvo, Yanmar, Yutani, Zeppelin, Ditch witch, Mustang and Schaeff.

We can deliver to the USA & Europe next day using Priority Shipping and all our prices include free Economy Shipping to the United States | | |








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GM06 Nabtesco / Hydash Final Drives & Track Motors

GM06 Nabtesco and Hydash Final Drives / Track Motors

In stock new genuine Nabtesco Hy-Dash GM06 final drives / travel motors for Kobelco, Komatsu, IHI, JCB, Case, New Holland, Cat and others

Next day shipping to the United States & Europe with DHL worldwide express

All final drives & track motors come with a one year warranty.







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Looking for a final drive in the US?

Are you looking for a final drive in the United states? Are you worried about buying cheap foreign imports?

Terrapart international have been supplying genuine, OEM and Interchangeable final drives to North American for 20 years and all of them are shipped out of England.

We offer competitive prices for high quality final drives and track motors for almost all makes of excavator.

All of our prices are in US dollars and include Delivery and Customs Duties the price we quote is the price you pay

Typical delivery time is 2-3 days With our DHL express service so the same as New York to Florida.

Call us today for Case, Volvo Kobelco, Komatsu, JCB, Linkbelt Doosan, Hyundai final drives and many more.









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What is wrong with my excavator final drive?

What is Wrong with my final drive?

This is a question we get asked a lot and unfortunately there is no simple answer. The precision engineering in final drives and travel motors mean that an over the phone diagnosis is impossible.

Rebuilds may be possible but not always convenient cost effective or quick. Call us today to see if we can save you money, hassle and downtime with a new complete final drive and get your machine back on site.

We stock 100’s of drives for excavators from 0.5 tons to 70 tons all available for worldwide express shipping.

Major brands such as Bonfiglioli, Kayaba, Hy-trac, teijin seiki, Nabtesco, Nachi Hydash and Rexroth are available.










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Final drives for: Atlas Copco & Ingersol Rand Rockdrills –> ECM700 & ECM600

In stock new genuine final drives for Atlas Copco and Ingersol Rand rockdrills ECM700 ECM600

Excavator Part number :2657728750

Teijin Seiki GMY24VL, GMY24L & MSP08037A








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New Original Nabtesco Final drive: Komatsu PC50MR-2 (22M-60-21301)

In stock new original Nabtesco final drives complete with sprocket for Komatsu PC50MR-2

Komatsu P/N 22M-60-21301







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