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Caterpillar Final Drives 345C, 345D & 349D excavators

In stock new after-market final drive reduction units for Caterpillar excavators 345C 345D & 349D

Interchangeable with Caterpillar excavator track reduction part numbers 227-6045, 2276045, 227-6044, 2276044, 2003502, 2003488, 3333036, 200-3502, 200-3488, 333-3036

Comes with 12 months warranty

Ships to USA Canada and Europe in 3-4 days with DHL

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Final drives & travel motors Doosan Excavator DX140

In stock new alternative OEM final drives / travel device for Doosan excavators DX140, DX140-3, DX140-5, DX160 3, DX160-5

Doosan excavator travel device part numbers 170401-00029, 170403-00097, 170403-00113

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In stock new aftermarket final drives for HUTTER 120 Excavator

Our Hy-trac drives interchange with OEM number GM17V-B-55/36-2

Worldwide shipping available with DHL express

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Final Drive for Komatsu PC50UU-2

In stock Komatsu PC50UU-2 Final Drives

Komatsu part number: 20U-60-23330

OEM details: GM05VL-C-13/25-2 MSP90118A

In stock & ready to send with worldwide shipping. Includes next day delivery to United States, United Kingdom & Europe

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Hitachi ZX490LC final Drives

Hitachi ZX490LC Final drives

We are pleased to offer new complete final drive, Rebuilt travel motor and new final drive gearboxes for the Hitachi ZX490LC, ZX490LCH-6, 470G, 470GLC, ZX470LCH-5G, 450D, ZX450LC-3, ZX450LC-3, ZX470-5 and Deere 490E

Our units cross to part numbers 9298565, B0440-96063, 9263595, 9263594 and 4637796

Gearboxes are new aftermarket and the motors are rebuilt original units all come with a 12 month warranty

Worldwide shipping available call us today for a delivered price

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Bonfiglioli Final Drives

We stock a range of Bonfiglioli final drive gearboxes for large excavators up to 70 tons

We have in stock Bonfiglioli reference 718C3KDA87Q4UCLA, 2T718C3K087001 ratio 1/87 which is for the top end of this range.

Bonfiglioli Final drives in stock for JCB JS160 & JS180

We stock new complete OEM Bonfiglioli final drives for JCB JS160 and JS180 excavators

Units are supplied with sprocket and are fully interchangeable with part number 332/J4432 and transmittal code 70963K50A60957P32AA

Transmittal final drives and track motors

Now in stock a wide range of transmittal (bonfiglioli) genuine and interchangeable final drives in stock for excavators from 1 ton to 70tons.

Transmittal drives can be fitted to Kubota, Kobelco, CAT, Volvo, Doosan, Hyundai, Case, and JCB excavators as well as many more makes of machine

Excavator Final Drives for: U25-3, VIO20, EC15, SK20SR

Genuine Bonfiglioli final drives / track motors / travel motors in a variety of ratios.

OEM for many mini excavators including Kubota U25-3, Yanmar VIO20, Volvo EC15, Takeuchi TB015, Kobelco SK20SR and many more

Bonfiglioli Final Drives for: 301.5 VIO27-3 CX23 1902RD

Genuine Bonfiglioli final drives / track motors / travel motors in stock and ready to ship

OEM for many mini excavators including CAT 301.5, Yanmar VIO27-3 Case CX23, Neuson 1902RD and many more

New OEM, Genuine and interchangeable Final drives in stock for an incredibly large range of Bonfiglioli Transmittal Final drives series 706, 707, 708, 709, 710 and many more. Final drives are fitted to JCB, Kubota, Kobelco, Volvo, Daewoo, Komatsu, CAT, Hitachi, Hyundai, and Case excavators           

OEM for many mini excavators including Kubota KX61-3, Yanmar VIO20, Volvo EC15, Takeuchi TB015, Kobelco SK20SR and many more

Genuine Bonfiglioli drives in a variety of ratios.

OEM for many mini excavators including Kubota KX61-3,

Yanmar VIO20, Volvo EC15 Takeuchi TB015, Kobelco SK20SR

These models are very common and there is a high demand.

If you have a different model using a Bonfiglioli final drive

you should contact us because we stock units for many applications

Now with our 2 year warranty

Express shipping available worldwide

Call today for prices on your Bonfiglioli final drive

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Volvo EC290CL Final Drive ¦ 14551154

Volvo EC290CL Final drives complete with Travel motors

We are pleased to offer new Alternative OEM final drives for Volvo Excavator model EC290C and late EC290BLC machines

Our final drives are suitable for Volvo part numbers 14551154 and 14528257 for the complete assembly and 14528258

We offer competitive prices on all Volvo Final drives and we only offer OEM quality

All our new drives come with a 12 month warranty

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Hitachi ZX280-3, ZX270-3 Final Drives ¦ 9255880

New arrival. Final drive track motor reduction units for Hitachi excavator models ZX280-3 & ZX270-3 and Deere 270D

Hitachi Deere final drive reduction part numbers 9255880, 9256990 & PG200008HMGF57QA

OEM quality after-market units with 12 months warranty

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CASE C175 Final drive ¦ 87588897

New OEM Final drive for Case C175 Skid Steer | 87588897

We are pleased to offer new complete final drives for Case Skid steers C175, C232, TR320, 440CT, C227 and CT232 models

Our drives are for part number 84586919 and 87588897 and a original Italian made units under OEM Code 7C052KS001B22AG050VP51LZV  2T705C2K022A13 with a 22:1 ratio

Call us today for All Case final drives

Worldwide shipping available


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New Holland Excavator Final Drives

In stock new final drives for New Holland Kobelco excavator model E215 E215B

New Holland final drive part numbers 72206512, 87357869, Kayaba MAGA170VP, YN15V00037F2, 84142001, 84142692, YN15V00037F1, 87573484, 84142001, 84142692

New complete final drives in stock ready for immediate delivery


New alternative OEM final drives with 12 months warranty

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