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H-LINK for DX140, DX140W, DX160 & DX160W

In stock new OEM HLINK / bucket push links for Daewoo Doosan excavator models DX140, DX140W, DX160, DX160W

Daewoo Doosan part numbers 101541-00012 & 155-00061

In stock ready to ship

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Dipper Arm Cylinder S130LCV, S140LCV, S155LCV

In stock new surplus dipper arm cylinder for Daewoo excavator models     S130LCV, S140LCV & S155LCV

Daewoo part number 2440-9249 & 2440-9249A

Worldwide shipping including next day delivery to United States, United Kingdom & Europe

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Daewoo S450LCV & S470LCV Dipper arm cylinder

We have in stock a good used dipper arm cylinder for a Daewoo S450LCV / S470LCV

Our used dipper cylinder is stocked under part number 440-00015A(U440-00015A, 440-00015B & 440-00015

Worldwide shipping including next day shipping to United States, Europe & United Kingdom

dipper cylinder for Daewoo Doosan excavator 330LCV & 340LCV

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Doosan DL500 Power steering unit | 420-00027A

Doosan DL500 Power steering unit 420-00027A & 420-00027

We are pleased to offer a new genuine Power steering unit for a Doosan DL500 an late M500V Loading shovels Unit is new and genuine and ready to fit straight on the machine and is offered at a significant discount from the Dealer cost price.

Contact us today for a delivered price Worldwide shipping available

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Doosan track spring assembly

In stock new genuine Doosan track spring assembly (idler sold separately) for Daewoo Doosan excavator models 340LCV DX300 DX340 DX350

Daewoo Doosan excavator Track adjuster spring assembly part numbers: 200101-00022B, 200101-00022A, K1006183E, K1006183C & K1006183A K1006183


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Doosan DX140LC Final Drives | K1014772A | 170401-00036A

In stock Doosan / Daewoo excavator final drives & track motors

Doosan DX140LC Final Drives & Track Motors in stock

Doosan excavator part numbers: K1014772A & 170401-00036A









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Doosan / Daewoo Crown wheel and pinion | MEGA300-II & MEGA 300

In stock new genuine crown wheel and pinion gear set for rear differential MEGA300-III, MEGA 300

Doosan loader parts numbers 102-00003, 101-00011, 4101-7019 differential part number 4211-7005







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Doosan Hydraulic Pumps | DX225LC, DX225NLC, S250LCV, S255LCV

In stock new & fully reconditioned hydraulic pumps from Kawasaki & Hy-trac Korea for Doosan excavator models DX225LC DX225NLC S250LCV S255LCV

Doosan excavator parts numbers 400914-00038, K1014967A, K1014967, 400914-00212, K1000698G, K1000698, 401-00020B, 401-00020, 401-00059B, 401-00059, K3V112DT






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Daewoo Excavator Parts | Final drives, Track motors, Oil cooler, Swing motors, Swing reducers

We stock new original, OE and Hy-Trac final drives and travel motors for the following machines:

DH110, DH320, DX300, S220LC-V, S340LC-V, DX35Z

DH130, S035, DX30Z, S225LC-V, S400LC-V, DX380

DH130-II, S130-III, SL130LC-V, S280LC-III, S55-V, DX55

DH170, DX140, SL140LC-V, S290LC-V, S70-III, DX80R

DH180, DX225, S170-III, S300LC-V, S75-V

Daewoo Shaft & Swing Pinion | K1033590

In stock Daewoo shaft & swing pinion for excavator models: 450LC-3, 450LCV, 470LCV, 500LCV,

Daewoo / Doosan Excavator part numbers: K1033590, 2405-1018C, 2405-1018B, 2405-1018A

Daewoo DH220 Final Drives | Track Motor Parts

Daewoo DH220 Final drive with Track motors

We stock New Latest generation Daewoo Final drives for DH220LC Excavators complete with travel motors

Our stock is fully compatible with part numbers 2401-9082 and 2401-9082A and OEM code GM35VA-119/183-1.

Daewoo Turbo | 65.09100-7140

In stock Daewoo Excavator Turbo

Daewoo part numbers: 65.09100-7140, 65.09100-7098

Daewoo Excavator Final Drives: 220LCV & S225LCV (401-00454C)

New genuine final drives in stock for Daewoo excavator models 220LCV and S225LCV.

Daewoo excavator part number: 401-00454C

Daewoo Excavator Models: S220LC-V, S220LL, S225LC-V, S225LL, S225NLC-V

Daewoo Swing Reducer 470LCV, 500LCV & 450-3

In stock new genuine swing reducers for Daewoo excavator models 470LCV, 500LCV & 450-3

Daewoo excavator parts number 130426-00005A, K1033589, K1000350, 2404-6010i, 2404-6010J, 2404-6010H, 2404-6010L

Daewoo H-Link / Bucket Link Assemblies

In stock new PUSH H LINK / BUCKET LINK ASSEMBLIES for Daewoo excavator models

Daewoo excavator parts number: 155-00063, 101541-00001B, 101541-00048A

Also in stock side links / guides 101540-00053A, K1051342, K1051262, 2155-1310B, 2155-1311B, 101540-00026

Daewoo Hydraulic Oil Coolers: 130LCV & 140LCV

In stock new hydraulic oil coolers for Daewoo excavators model 130LCV & 140LCV

Daewoo excavator parts numbers 400206-00625, 13C22000, 2202-9064A-02, 2202-9064A-2

in stock new genuine arm cylinder dipper cylinder for Daewoo excavator: 330LCV & 340LCV

Daewoo excavator parts numbers 400305-00032, 2440-9280H, 2440-9280G, 440-00032A

We ship worldwide with DHL and Kuehne and Nagel

Call us today for a delivered price








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Doosan Excavator & Loader Parts | Final Drives, Swing Motors, Swing Gearbox, MCV, Hydraulic Pumps

New genuine final drives for Doosan excavator model DX700 & DX700LC in stock

Doosan excavator parts numbers: K1051647

New genuine final drives in stock for Doosan excavator models 220LCV and S225LCV.

Doosan excavator part number: 401-00454C

Doosan Excavator Models: S220LC-V, S220LL, S225LC-V, S225LL, S225NLC-V

Doosan DX27Z Mini excavator final drives         

We stock final drives for Doosan DX27Z mini excavators, new genuine and new Hy-trac units available from stock

Our drives are suitable for part numbers 170403-00125, 172168-73300, K1013467A and K1013467

In stock new hydraulic oil coolers made in Japan for Doosan excavators models: DX480, DX420 & DX520

In stock 4 inch Doosan monitor panels suitable for DX excavator models

Doosan parts numbers: 539-00076B, 539-0007E, 539-00076G, 539-00076C, 539-00076, 300426-00007 & 300426-00007A

DX700 Travel motors

Currently in stock new genuine travel motors for Doosan DX700 excavators

These are part number K1051582 suitable for all DX700 machines and form part of 170401-00010 (complete final drive) along with the gearbox part number K105164, which we also stock

New in stock complete final drives with travel motor for Doosan Excavator models: DX480LCA, DX490LC, DX500LCA, DX520LC-3 & DX53KLC-5

Doosan Excavator part numbers: 170401-0009, TM100VD, MBEB241A, MBEB241C

In stock new genuine main control valves for Daewoo Doosan excavator models DX140W & DX160W

Doosan excavator parts numbers 410105-00033, 410105-00078 & K1015269B

In stock Doosan Loader main hydraulic pump

Doosan Loader models:, DL500, DL450 & DL500

Loader part numbers: K1003138A & K1003138B

Shipping with UPS & DHL



In stock new swing reducers / swing gears for Doosan excavator models DX480 & DX520

Doosan excavator parts numbers K100350, K1033589, 130426-00005, 130426-00005A  & K1033589

New in stock swing reducers and swing motors for Doosan excavators models: DX180LC, DX190W DX210W, DX225LL

Doosan excavator parts numbers: 170301-00107C, 170301-00107, 170303-00048A, 130426-00009A, 170303-00050B, 170303-00050A, 170303-00050, 170303-00048 ,K1000697A, K1000777A, K1000697, 130426-00009, 130426-00009A ,K1013561

In stock couplings for Doosan loading shovels DL450 and DL500

Daewoo parts number: K1007524

All parts are available for worldwide shipment

Call us today for prices













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