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Volvo Main Control Vale – EC140D, ECR145D, EC140DLM

In stock fully reconditioned main control valve for Volvo excavator models EC140D, ECR145D & EC140DLM

Volvo excavator main control valve part number 14635426, 14688238 VOE14635426, VOE14688238

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Kobelco SK210-4 Final drives

We are pleased to offer new alternative OEM final drives for Kobelco SK210-4, SK210, SK210LC-IV, SK200-IV, SK200LC-IV excavators

Our Final drives interchange with the original Nabco units for the Kobelco excavators

If you need a final drive for part numbers YN15V00007F1 (complete final drive) YN15V00009F1 (reduction) or YN53D00001F2 (motor) contact us today

We stock many more Kobelco final drives and delivery can be made all over the world

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Volvo EC330B & EC360B Swing Motors

In stock new OEM swing motors for Volvo excavator models EC330B & EC360B

Volvo excavator swing motor part number 1452786 VOE14512786

All Swing Motors come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Next day shipping to United State, Europe & United Kingdom

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Doosan DX140LCR Final Drive

In stock new complete final drives with travel motor for Doosan excavator model DX140LCR

Doosan excavator final drive part number 170401-00012C, 170401-00012C 170401-00012A, 170401-00012

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Kobelco Swing gearboxes for SK135SR, ED150-1E, SK115SSRDV, EC150-1E

New Holland and Kobelco Swing Reducer / Swing Gearboxes

Kobelco & New Holland models: SK135Sr, ED150-1E, SK115SRDV, EC150-1E In stock new after market OEM quality swing reduction / swing gearboxes for Kobelco New Holland excavators

Kobelco New Holland excavator swing reducer part number YX32W00002F1C, YX32W00002F2, YX32W00002F1, YX32W00002F2

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What’s wrong with my Final Drive / Track Motor?

You’ve got quite a bit of money invested in your final drive motors, and when they go down it impacts your entire operation and your bottom line. 

When your final drive starts to have problems, one of the first things you might notice is a change in your machine’s behavior. If your machine goes in reverse when you tell it to go forward (i.e., your final drive is spinning backwards), that’s usually a simple fix involving swapped input and return lines on your hydraulic motor. If your machine keeps veering off to one side, that means there is a problem related to the final drive on that side. final-drive-travel-motor-damaged-brake-discs-weak-charge-pump Lack of power when going uphill or carrying a heavy load is another sign that there are issues related to your final drive. Keep in mind, though, that the final drive is not always the source of the weakness.

Other potential problems can include a weak charge motor, high friction (this is especially true with tracks), or problems with the brakes. It could also be an issue with the swivel joint. Something else to keep in mind on your machine is the condition of the hydraulic hoses. If a hose connected to the final drive develops a leak or fails, it will affect performance. Hoses and fittings should be periodically checked for signs of a leak. Just don’t check for leaks by hand while the machine is running, or you run the risk of hydraulic fluid injection.

Smart Troubleshooting When troubleshooting your final drive, it is important to eliminate external causes that may be the source of the problem. In short, what seems to be wrong with your final drive is not always the fault of your final drive. Other sources may include: •A weak charge pump •A final drive trapped in high speed mode •Lack of hydraulic pressure reaching the final drive •A blockage in the case drain line •A problem with the drive sprocket •Tracks that are too tight If one of these issues is the culprit but you replace your final drive, you’ll just keep having the same problems as before. Always eliminate external causes first. Noise and Vibration Issues with a Final Drive A noisy, vibrating final drive is definitely a sign that something is wrong. Common causes include insufficient gear oil, contaminated gear oil, worn out bearings and/or gears, a loose sprocket, or simply a worn out final drive. High-pitched squeaking sounds are never a good sign, either. That is typically caused by a weak charge pump and is usually accompanied by a weak final drive motor. final-drive-motor-gear-reduction-planetary-gears-1 Overheating Gear Box If the gear box on your final drive is overheating, it could be a result of insufficient gear oil, hot hydraulic fluid, brake issues, or worn out bearings. If there is not enough gear oil, that points directly to a leak and a seal that needs to be replaced ASAP. Final Drive Lubrication Problems Lubrication is a common source of problem on final drives. If your final drive is running hot to the touch or vibrating excessively, that could point to problems with gear oil levels or gear oil quality. Gear oil issues are usually things such as too much gear oil (likely caused by a clogged case drain line) or too little gear oil (probably caused by a failed main seal). If the fluid that is leaking out is very thin in consistency, you may have a hydraulic leak. That, too, can point to a failed main seal. cover-plate-cracked-final-drive-travel-motor Blown or Damaged Cover Plate If your cover plate cracks or has blown off, that is very bad. In all likelihood, the inside of your final drive motor is totaled. A cracked or blown cover plate is usually caused by a clogged case drain filter. When the case drain filter clogs, it forces an increasing rise in hydraulic pressure inside the final drive that is powerful enough to do massive damage.

Contamination One of the major causes of problems for Geroter final drives and radial piston final drives is contamination. Contamination can be generated within the final drive through regular use, introduced through a seal that needs to be replaced, or caused by careless handling of lubricants and hydraulic fluid. Contamination can also happen when a final drive motor is opened up in an environment filled with dust and debris. Hydraulic filters are designed to catch contaminants, but they don’t always catch them before they have had a chance to do serious damage. 

Getting a Final Drive Diagnosis and Acting on It When your final drive does fail, be sure to make a note of what was going on when it happened and what the symptoms were — information like this can go a long way in helping you get a timely and correct diagnosis of what is wrong with your final drive. Once you do hear back about what is wrong, take your final drive diagnosis seriously. If the damage was preventable, make the necessary changes to your maintenance routine for your replacement final drive motor. Conclusion Whether your machine is a compact track loader, skid steer loader, or excavator, there are universal signs you can watch out for that indicate that your final drive may be in need of service: •The final drive won’t turn •The machine seems weak •The machine keeps steering to the side •There is evidence of a leak •The final drive is vibrating or making unusual noises If this happens to your final drive, you need to take it in for troubleshooting and repair.


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Komatsu PC80MR-3 Final Drives

Komatsu Excavator final drives & track motors

Excavator final drives for Komatsu model PC80MR-3 interchanges with OEM codes 1T215005870G, KMTPC208P77F00166, MO8038269

Komatsu final drive part number: 21W-60-R1201

All our final drives come with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY


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Cat 303.5 Final drives

We are pleased to offer new Hy-trac final drives as a cost effective OEM quality solution for your CAT 303.5 Mini excavator

Our High quality units will effortlessly fit in place of part numbers 280-3097, 163-9757 and 291-9390 for all models of CAT 303.5 excavator

Contact us today for OEM quality replacement final drives for all CAT models including 303.5


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Volvo EC350EL Final Drives

We are pleased to offer new alternative OEM final drives for Volvo EC350EL EC380EL EC300EL excavators

Our final drives replace part numbers 14694046, 14713848 and 14606699 VOE14694046, VOE14713848 and VOE14606699 to replace all EC350EL final drives and EC380EL after serial number 310354. Also suitable for High Walker up to serial number 310353

Contact us today for your Volvo Excavator final drive and make a considerable saving


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Centaflex Couplings – Worldwide shipping

Terrapart stock a wide range of Centa / Centaflex A & H type couplings (Miki Pulley, Lovejoy, Centaflex) for industrial applications.

Popular types include 4A, 4AS, 8A, 8AS, 16A, 16AS, 25A, 25AS, 30A, 30AS, 30H, 40A, 40AS, 40H, 50A, 50AS, 50H, 110H, 140H, 160H, 90A, 90AS, 140A, 80A, 35H, 35A & 35AS

Worldwide shipping including next day delivery to United States, Europe & United Kingdom



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