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Volvo ECR145CL Final Drive | 14560145

In stock Volvo ECR145CL Final Drives & Track Motors

Volvo ECR145CL Final drive part number is 14560145

All our final drives come with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY

Worldwide shipping including next day shipping to United States, Europe & United Kingdom








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Takeuchi TB175 Final Drive | 19031-20800

In stock Takeuchi TB175 Final Drives & Track Motors

Takeuchi Excavator part number is 19031-20800

All our final drives come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY

Worldwide shipping including next day delivery to United States, United Kingdom & Europe







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Volvo EC210BLC final drive | 14528732 Drive Unit

In stock Final Drives & Track Motors Volvo EC210BLC

Volvo Excavator final drive part number 14528732

All our final drives come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY!

Worldwide shipping!










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Komatsu PC130 Excavator Final Drives & Track Motors

Komatsu PC130 Excavator Final Drives

Final drives and track motors in stock for Komatsu PC130 Excavators

We have new Interchangeable drives for the full range of Komatsu PC130 machines.

We stock suitable final drives complete with travel motors for:

PC130-5, PC130-6, PC130-6K, PC130LC-6K, PC130LC-7 ,PC130-7, PC130LC-7K, PC130-8, PC130LC-8 and PC130LC-8K

Our units will interchange with part numbers:

203-60-63110, 203-60-63410, 203-60-63111, TZ270B1000-00, 21Y-60-12101, 21Y-60-12300, 203-60-56701, 203-60-56702, 203-60-56700, 203-27-00070, 203-60-57300, 22B-60-22112, 22B-60-22110, 203-60-63410 ,203-60-63102, 202-60-73102.

All our drives come with appropriate fitting kits so you can replace your final drives quickly and easily.

Contact us today for a delivered price and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our 12 month warranty

Worldwide shipment available






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Linkbelt Excavator Final Drives & Track Motors

Linkbelt Excavator Final Drives with track motors

In stock ready to ship new original and interchangeable final drives travel motors / track motors for Linkbelt excavator models:

130X2, 160LX, 160X2, 210LX, 240X2, LS1600, LS2650C2, LS2650Q, 2700Q, LS2800Q, LS2800C, 3400Q, LS3400A, 4300Q, LS4300Q,

Excavator Linkbelt part numbers:

KBA0501, KBA0676, KBA0721, KBA10060, KLA0113, KBA10290, KLA0156, KRA1274, KNA10520, KLA10030, KNA0608, KMA1321, LNM0556, KAA0715, KNA0650, KNA0322, KNA0381

Next day shipping with DHL worldwide express to United States & Europe







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Case CK36 Final Drives

Case CK36 final Drives & Track Motors   

We stock new Interchangeable final drives complete with track motors for Case CK36 mini excavators

Our drives are fully interchangeable with the OEM unit and of equivalent quality

Contact us today for a delivered price









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Volvo Swing Gearbox | ECR235CL | 14552871

In stock Volvo Excavator Swing Gearbox for ECR235CL

Volvo Excavator part number: 14552871 VOE14552871

Worldwide shipping including next day delivery to United States & Europe











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Aftermarket Final Drives & Track Motors

Are you looking to save money on your final drive but not compromise on quality? We stock aftermarket final drives which are OEM Quality and come with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY

With over 1600 new track motors & final drives in stock from a wide range of manufacturers we can supply a unit for most excavator application and are without doubt a leading supplier in this product. We specialize in excavator final drives for all makes and models from 1.5 tonnes up to 46 tonnes.

We stock aftermarket final drives & track motors for the following brands: Airman, Bobcat, Case, Cat, Daewoo, Deere, Doosan, Gehl, Halla, Hanix, Hitachi, Hyundai, IHI, Imer, JCB, Kobelco, Komatsu, Kubota, Linkbelt, Mitsubishi, New Holland, Neuson, Nissan, Peljob, Samsung, Sumitomo, Takeuchi, Hy-Trac, Terex, Vermeer, Volvo, Yanmar, Yutani, Zeppelin, Ditch witch, Mustang and Schaeffe


We have aftermarket final drives for the following models:

Bobcat aftermarket Final Drive Models: X328, X331, X435, ZX125, ZX75, X320, X325, E63, E80, E85, 326, E42, E62, E32, E45, E63, E321, E50, E80, E35, E55, E85, E35I, E60, E320, X320, 331E, 331G, 331ED, 334, 334D, E10, 418, 428, 430D, 435, 444, B19, 425, 430, 430G, 442, E08, 100, 116, 130, 225, X225, 220, X220, 231, 316, 319, 320, 320C, 320D, 320J, 321, 328G, 322, 322C, 322D, 323J, 324, 325, 325C, 325D, 325G, 328, 328G, 328D, E14, EB14.4, E16, EB16.4 E17, E17, E19, E20, E25,

Case aftermarket final Drive Models: CX15, CX16B, CK25, CK28, C28, CK31, CX31, C31 CX38, CX35, CX47, CX50B, CX70 CK75SR, CX80, CX130, CX130B, CX135SR, CX135,  CX160, CX160B, LX160, 160LX, CX200, CK210, CX225SR, CX240, 9040, 9040B, 9007, 9007B

Caterpillar aftermarket Final Drive Models: 301.6, 301.8, 302.5, 301.5, 302, 302.5C, 303C, 304, 304CR, 304CCR, 304.5, 305, 305D, 305E, 306, 307, 307BC, 307SSR, 307CCR, 308, 308C, 341, 341D, 307B, E70, E70B, E80, 312A, 313B, 312A, 312BL, 312B, 312C, 312CC, 317B, 318

JCB aftermarket Final Drive Models: 802.7, 803, 803Z, 8030, 8030ZTS, 8025, 8025ZTS, 8032, 8032ZTS, 8035ZTS, 8035, 8080, 8080ZTS, 804, 803.5, 803.7, JS70, JS130, JS70, JS130HD, JS150, JS160, JS180, JS200, JS210, JS220, JZ70, JS260,

Hitachi aftermarket Final Drive Models: EX15, EX22, EX22-2, EX25, EX25-2, EX27U, EX30, EX30-2 EX33, EX33-5, EX35U, EX27, EX40, ZX25, ZX35, ZX40U, AX30, AX30-2, AX35-2, AX25-2, JD27ZTS, 26ZTS, JD27D, 35ZTS, ZX30UR, ZX27, EX100M-5, EX160LC-5, EX165E

IHI aftermarket final drive models: IHI15NX, IHI18N, IHI20JX, IHI25NX, IHI28GZ, IHI28N, IHI30VX, IHI35N, IHI35J, IHI40JX, IHI40, IHI40-Z, IHI45NX2, IHI45NX-2, IHI45NX,  IHI50G, IHI50J, IHI50S, IHI55N2, IHI65NX, IHI80NX

Kobelco aftermarket Final drive models: SK09, SK20, SK20SR, SK027, SK30, SK30SR, CK30-1, SK35SR, SK40SR, SK035-2, SK50, SK60SR, SK60-V, SK70, SK80, SK100-3, SK100-5, SK115, SK115DZ-4, SK115SRDZ, SK120, SK120-3, SK130, SK135, SK160, SK210-4, SK210-IV, SK235SR, SK250, SK260, SK260-8, E70, E80, E80-1ES, E80MSR, E135SR, E245B, E265B

New Holland aftermarket Final Drive Models: E235, E235SR, E135B, E130, E235BSR, EH130, EH160, E45SR

Komatsu aftermarket Final Drive Models: PC30-5, PC30-6, PC12R-8, PC10-6, PC20-3, PC20-7 PC20-5, PC80-3, PC27R-8, PC60-5, PC60-6, PC60-7E, PC78MS-6,  PC30MR-3, PC40-5, PC14RHS, PC18MR-2, PC38UU-2E, PC20MR-1, PC35-8, PC35R-8, PC75R-2, PC95, PC50MR-2, PC45RF, PC88MS-6, PC40FR-1, PC128, PC100-6, PC120-6, PC120-2, PC138, PC130-6, PC130-6K, PC130-7K, PC130-7, PC130-8, PC138UU-8

Kubota aftermarket Final Drive Models: U45-3, U35-3, U25S, U17-3, U15-3, U15(EH), U20, U30, U35-4, KH52SR,  KH52SR, KH70, KH-91, KH91, K013, U20-3, U30-3, U35S, K021, K022, K024, K025, K027, K028, K030, K035, K040, K045, U10, KX91-3, RG30, RX501, K013, K022, K025, U25-3, U55-4, U35-S2, KX101, KX101-3, KX101-3 ALPHA, KX101-3 ALPHA 2, KX101-3 ALPHA 3, KX121-2, KX121-2SS, KX121-2(H), KX121-2SS, KX121-3, KX121-3SS, KX121-3SST4, KX121-3ST, KX151, KX161-2, KX151-2SS, KX161-3, KX161-3D, KX161-3ST, KX251, U25-3, U35(EU), U45, KX251, KX26-2, KX31, KX36, KX36-2, KX36-3, KX41(H), KX41-2, KX41-2 ALPHA, KX41-2S (V), KX41-2SS, KX41-2V, KX41-3, U55, KX41-3S (V), KX61, KX61-2 APLHA, KX61-2S, KX61-2SS, KX61-3, U25-3A, U35-3 ALPHA 2, U45 (EU), KX71, KX71SS, KX71-2, KX71-2 APLHA, KX71-3, KX71-3S, KX91-2, KX91-2SS, U10 ALPHA, KX91-35S, KX91-3S2, U20-3 ALPHA, KX015-4, KX016-4, KX018-4, KX019-4

Takeuchi aftermarket Final Drive Models: TB015, TB016, TB020, TB025, TB045, TB070, TB108, TB15, TB45, TB36, TB135, TB125, TB35FR, TB25FR, TB120, TB25, TB175, TB180FR, TB21, TB228, TB235, TB23FR, TB23R, TB53FR, TB55UR, TB68, TB80FR, TB140, TB250, TB175 TB180FR, TB178, TB80FR

Yanmar aftermarket Final Drive Models: B12, B14, B15, B15-3, B17, B17-2, VIO30, VIO30-1, VIO30-2, VIO30-3, VIO33U, VIO50-3, VIO50U, B17-2B, B17-3, B18EX, B19, B22, B22-1,B22-2, B22-2B, B6-3, B25, B25-1, B25V, B27, B27-2, B27-2A, VIO35-2, VIO35-3, VIO35-5, VIO35-5B, VIO35-6, VIO55, VIO55-5, B27-2B, B3, B30V, B32, B32-1, B3-3, B37, B37-2, B6U, B37-2A, B37-2B, B37V, B4U-1, B5, B50, B50-2, VIO38U, VIO40, VIO40-1, VIO40-2, VIO40-3, VIO55-5B, VIO55-6A, VIO80U, YB221, YB451, B50, B50-2, B50-2B, B50-C, B7, B7-3, B7-5, B7-5A, B7-5B, YB351, TB121, VIO75U, VIO75-C, VIO75-A, VIO27-B, BIO27-3, VIO27-2, VIO25-4, VIO25-3, VIO25-2, VIO45-5B, VIO57U, VIO70, TB101, YB271, YB501, VIO45, VIO45-5, VIO45-5, SV05, SV08, SV08-1,  SV15, SV15-2, SV17, SV17-2, SV17E, SV17EX-2, VIO27-5B, VIO45-6A, VIO50, VIO50-1, VIO50-2, VIO70-2, VIO75, VIO75, YB10-2, YB301, SV20, SV26, VIO10, , VIO15, VIO15-1, VIO15-2, VIO15-2A, VIO17, VIO20, VIO20-1, VIO20-2, VIO20-3, VIO20-4, VIO25







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Kubota Final Drives

Kubota Mini Excavator final drive

We here at Terrapart international specialise in the final drives and track motors for a comprehensive list of Kubota excavators. We stock final drives complete with the track motors from the Kubota range from small excavators like the KX61-3 all the way to the Midi range of Kubota KX251 alpha final drives.

We can help when your machine has stopped rolling.

Kubota excavators have really taken off over the last few years due to their aggressive pricing in the UK and European markets and are no longer Grey imports only.

With the machines plentiful and modern it is inevitable that they will start breaking down.

Our final drives and track motors are sometimes genuine sometimes OEM and sometimes Hy-trac replacement final drives, but always of the best quality. We always try to deliver to you in the quickest easiest and most cost efficient manor and we will quote a delivered price if we know where you are.

All our new Final drives and track motors are backed up by our industry leading two year unlimited hours warranty subject to proper maintenance (pipe it up correctly, don’t use old oil and change the gear oil every thousand hours or every 12 months and there will be no issues)

Most importantly we can deliver the right final drive complete with track motor for your Kubota excavator to the right place at the right time.

Our final drives and track motors are suitable for the following Kubota mini and Midi excavator models

KX61, KX71, KX91 KX101, KX121, KX151, KX161, KX251 U25, U35, U45 and many more

If you don’t see your model in the above list we will probably still supply it contact us today for a delivered price.

If your machine is a grey import or a non uk Standard machine, unlike many dealers we won’t turn you away we supply these final drives for UK, EU, North American and Japanese made Kubota Excavators

Call us for prices and delivery time to your door from the UK to anywhere in the world












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Caterpillar 501HD Final Drive

In stock new final drives for Caterpillar 501HD

Caterpillar part numbers 11921, 06147118, 370-4206, 3704206

Worldwide Shipping with DHL worldwide express service








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